Joint Declaration: Sol Hareket (Left Movement, SOL) – Aristeri Pteryga (Left Wing, AP)

Ενημέρωση στις January 22, 2021

Representatives of SOL and AP met and discussed, in consecutive meetings through the Internet on 29 November and 21 December 2020, the present political situation in Cyprus and the World and agreed to continue the discussions, exchange ideas and proceed to formulate common positions and undertake common actions in order to promote the common struggle for Socialism and the Reunification of Cyprus as a common state for Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots and other ethnic or national groups on the island.

In these discussions we reached similar or identical positions which we decided to put down in writing as an aid and guide to future planning of our work, both separately and jointly undertaken. This Declaration will be open to perpetual discussion and can be modified by joint agreement between the two organisations at any time such modification is judged to be necessary.

1. The political situation in Cyprus, both North and South, is becoming unstable and the governing elites are going from crisis to crisis. The economic crisis, which continues as a result of the World economic crisis since the crash of 2008, is deepening sharply due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The rule of the Right has been responsible for the failure of dealing effectively and sustainably with the health crisis and ruining the economy. This resulted in an accelerated loss of trust of all political and social institutions. This loss of trust is greatly exacerbated by the widespread corruption which is becoming more and more obvious to the broad masses. It is also leading to the adoption of increasingly authoritarian measures imposed by the governments who realise that they are losing their grip on society and they are in danger of collapse.

2. In the North, Ankara and the Government of Tayyip Erdoğan are attempting to intensify their drive for introducing religious politics into the Turkish Cypriot community. This is accompanied by an unprecedented financial raid on the wealth of Northern Cyprus as well as an attempt to impose demographic, political and cultural change in order to subdue and side-line the Turkish Cypriot community. Towards this end they use irredentist policies and attempt to sabotage the search for a solution of the Cyprus Problem based on a Bizonal, Bicommunal Federation. They do this by mobilising the extreme right and fascist actors while at the same time they try to restore the stability of the separatist regime struggling with its crises.

3. In the South, nationalist politics are gaining ground, promoted by the Anastasiades government and its supporters in the wider Greek Cypriot Right. Corruption, highlighted by the revelations about the Golden Passports scandal, reveals the cynicism of the ruling elite which promotes nationalist rhetoric as part and parcel of their robbery of national wealth by themselves and their close relatives and friends. As they are losing the trust of the people, they are resorting to a shameless attempt to control every point of the government machinery, every social and public institution and every newspaper, broadcaster and mass media organisation in general. They also try to sabotage a Bizonal Bicommunal Federation in the bicommunal talks. While they continue to use nationalist propaganda and mobilise the extreme right, the fascists and the Church in promoting Greek nationalism, they try to bluff their way in European and International circles using the intransigence of Turkey and the election of Mr. Ersin Tatar in the North to justify themselves for the failure to solve the Cyprus Problem.

4. The two organisations consider that there is a need for the left to turn its back on the politics of conformism to the dominant nationalist ideology. Any attempt to form alliances with the Right should be clearly based on clearly defined goals, compatible with the aspirations of the working class and the programme of the Left. Concessions to nationalist sentiments and nationalist forces has historically been catastrophic for the Left, for the people of Cyprus and for humanity in general. We shall try to promote policies that will offer a basis for the common struggle of the Left, North and South, for a better future for Cyprus, in the context of a Bizonal Bicommunal Federation.

5. We seek the broadest possible cooperation between all the strands of the Cyprus Left, based on mutual respect and the free expression of ideas, programmes and actions. We support all actions within the spirit of the advancement of joint goals and the building of common understanding and common programmes for promoting our objective for a bizonal, bicommunal United Federal Cyprus as it is stated in the related United Nation Security Council resolutions on the Cyprus Problem, based on political equality, a single sovereignty, a single citizenship and a single international identity. Differences of opinion should be accepted and discussed openly, in an attempt to reach a common understanding. Any remaining differences should not be an obstacle to common actions on issues agreement exists.

6. The negotiations process must start over on the basis of the Guterres Framework. The implementation of confidence building measures should be initiated in parallel with comprehensive settlement negotiations.

7. It is imperative that a Programme of the Left is worked out, on which to formulate policies and base any cooperation with forces beyond the Left. In this context, the two organisations support the work of the Conferences The Left and the Cyprus Problem and participate in platforms like the Bicommunal Initiative United Cyprus.

8. The two organisations consider the joint work of the Left in both communities essential for the advancement of our goals. Separate work can only produce limited results and is permanently in danger of succumbing to nationalist modes of thinking and leading to further distancing between the Greek and Turkish Cypriot Left.