Honouring May Day

Ενημέρωση στις April 30, 2020

This year’s May Day finds humanity in unprecedented circumstances. Neoliberal policies have already shrunk to a large extent or evaporated altogether labour and social rights that have been won with constant and hard struggles and paid for with blood. And while the pandemic has undeniably exposed the barbarity and the dead ends of the system, it seems that in restarting the economy the same neoliberal policy exponents have set in motion an even more ominous future. Return to “normality”, as planned, will not even be return to the pre-pandemic period, but a further extension of social inequalities, even harsher austerity and an even worse labour jungle, which will lead societies to even deeper mass poverty and despair and prepare the ground for the further rise of nationalism and fascism.

However, everything we are now experiencing and everything that is being planned, signify the end of any delusions as to where humanity is being led with the “free market” and the “lesser state”. Social rage is accumulating and it is the responsibility of the progressive forces to enable its expression and to organise it.

In view of the restriction measures, this year’s May Day cannot be honoured with gatherings and marches. In Cyprus, we will also be deprived of the opportunity we have had for many years now to honour the struggles of the labour movement Greek and Turkish Cypriots together. But we can and must send the message for the need for increased social alert and to call for new struggles and planning of our demands for overthrowing barbarity.

Left Wing (Aristeri Pteryga)